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  • Winterizing Your Motorcycle

    Friday, January 4, 2019 | Fred Buzzard



    Winter time is the hardest on our motorcycles or trikes and on our ride time. Taking care of our bikes will add life and reliability, while increasing the fun in our hobby. Here are some best practice tips for keeping your motorcycle in top working condition through the colder weather.

     Let’s talk about today’s fuels. The bottom line is they are a very poor mixture of water and ethanol which are very harmful to our bikes. It creates rust in our fuel tanks and leaves deposits in our engines which adds to more wear and running issues that can lead to gummed up fuel systems and hard or no starting issues. Fuel conditioners or stabilizers are the easiest way to keep things clean and fresh during the riding season, but most importantly when the bike is sitting waiting for spring. One of the best additives we recommend to use is Starton. It will keep fuels fresher longer, help to absorb water, and clean the motor from the inside while you ride. Keeping high test in your tank and adding some Starton to your fuel will keep you riding longer.

    Next is our  batteries. Don’t you hate it when you go out to the garage, hop on the bike, turn the key, and hit the starter button to only hear click, click, and nothing happens. Your whole day is shot because now you’re running around to find a new battery or trying to get your old battery charged up to go for a ride before the day gets away from you. Well, battery’s hate the cold just as much as we do!! Using a battery tender or maintainer is recommended to keep our motorcycles charged up and ready to go. A trusted brand is Deltran battery tenders because they make several sizes to meet your budget and are very easy to use.  They will keep your toy motorcycles ready to go  for that warm winter day when you want to go for a quick spin.

    The last item to remember to check is tire pressure.  So many times, customers visit our shop with low tire pressure.  When we ask, “did you check your tire pressure before you left the house?” We get the same blank stare usually Because tires are made of rubber, they will leak air from many places including the valve stem, bead of the rim, and through the tire itself. By keeping the recommended pressure of air in your tires, you will add more life to the tire, keep the handling and breaking of your bike correct, and improve your safety while riding. Always check and set your tires when they are cold before you ride. I Keep a small air compressor or an air tank in your garage and a good pressure gauge is the most efficient way to make sure your tires are tested before you ride.

    If you have any questions or need a service, we can help. We work on most all models and brands.  We can also service dirt bikes, atv’s, quads, side by sides, golf carts and motorcycles.  


    Service Manager, Fred Buzzard

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  • Maintenance Tips

    Thursday, September 6, 2018 | Don Wright

    Improper maintenance of your drive shaft can result in several issues with your trike. Maintaining these on a routine basis can adjust proper driving results on your trike. If you are experiencing shake or vibration in your steering, or your ride is not smooth, try starting with this simple step. This might help to resolve future issues.

    Drive shaft gears are heavily lubricated on initial installation. With road miles and wear, build up may happen faster within the first 1000 miles and it is recommended that routine maintenance happens every 6000 miles. If you are removing your drive shaft and lubricating your u-joints without professional help you must ensure that proper re-alignment when re-installing. Not aligning your front u-joint with your drive shaft will result in vibration before reaching 25mph.

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