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  • May 1st Service Blog

    Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | Amanda Prather


    Oil and Lubrication, your bike's first line of defense...

    Welcome back to our Service Blog! Today we’d like to talk to you for just a moment about Oil Changes and regular service checks. Now, regular checks for any vehicle can help to keep it on the road longer, whether finding problems early, or completely preventing damage in the first place. Oil changes are most vehicle’s first line of defense against unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. Oil changes are necessary, mechanically, for two reasons. Number one, oil becomes contaminated by gasoline seepage, water intrusion, and engine component breakdown. Secondly, engine oil deteriorates over time due to heat and pressure inside the engine while it’s working. A by-product of regular oil changes is that it gives technicians a chance to look for anything else that could be a cause for concern or an upcoming service need.

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