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Posted By: Don Wright
Post Date: 09/06/2018

Improper maintenance of your drive shaft can result in several issues with your trike. Maintaining these on a routine basis can adjust proper driving results on your trike. If you are experiencing shake or vibration in your steering, or your ride is not smooth, try starting with this simple step. This might help to resolve future issues.

Drive shaft gears are heavily lubricated on initial installation. With road miles and wear, build up may happen faster within the first 1000 miles and it is recommended that routine maintenance happens every 6000 miles. If you are removing your drive shaft and lubricating your u-joints without professional help you must ensure that proper re-alignment when re-installing. Not aligning your front u-joint with your drive shaft will result in vibration before reaching 25mph.

If you have a shaft drive bike, it will consist of splines on each end of the drive shaft, and on a large ring which transmits the power to the rear wheel. These splines will also require lubrication which can be more tedious and may require a mechanic. R & R Trikes and Outdoors can assist you with any issues that arise from our professionally trained mechanic on staff.

Every model has a unique maintenance schedule and it is important you find the correct service schedule for your unit. This is located in your owner’s manual or your trike manual. Service manuals for the majority of trikes that we build including Honda Goldwing, and Harley Davidson can be found online.


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